Music Machine

We are looking at some of the inner workings of the Music Industry in class, and we had a good discussion in class on November 30 surrounding what we have learned so far, and our particular views.  There were some differing viewpoints, and that makes for some good discussion.  This post will help us continue this discussion letting us share with each other what we are researching for a topic, and how we can share ideas and opinions with each other on what we are finding.

Here is the Post Discussion topic:

  • Sometimes we get so wrapped up in listening to the music we like that we forget that there is a process that goes into making the music we are listening to.  We also all have different ways we find the music that we like, and this is changing how the ‘music machine’ or the music industry works.  To start thinking about the process of how we discover music, and what happens on the inside of this machine to get that music to us, write a blog post to posted on this Blog as indicated by Mr. Sturtevant about what you know about the process of how music starts from an idea to where it becomes a reality that we can experience and share with each other.  Focus on one band or artist that you enjoy, and possibly focus on one song or album and tell us what you know about how it came to be in your ears and on your mind.  (Due 12/2)
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24 Responses to Music Machine

  1. Joel Kessler says:

    A band I like to listen to is Nickleback. I don’t know much about how it got to my ears. I imagine they put a lot of hard work into producing the music, and then getting it out on the market. They most likely have a popular label that helps them along. I don’t know much else, and I’m not sure if I’m even doing this assignment correctly… but I hope this works.

    • jasturtevant says:

      Hey Joel, you told me what you know about the group, which seems to be very little, but how did you hear about the group, and when did you fist hear them? How do you usually go about getting music? Have you looked up anything about the band since you started listening to them to find out more about them? It seems if you don’t know anything about the band or where they cam from, or how the music was made you have a long way to go to get to the point of doing a paper or research project about them. Find some interviews, go to some websites, and start finding out more about the music.

  2. Gavin Grant. says:

    For this response I focused on the band “Motionless In White”, In 2010 they hit the studio to record there first full length album titled “Creatures”. After producing the album with Andrew Wade, It was finally here. There was a very long recording period in which they recorded two guitar tracks, a bass track, vocal tracks, Synthesizer tracks, and a drum track, for 12 songs. Then the rough album went on to mixing and then hundreds of thousands of copies are produced. After years of touring with there self produced EP’s they now have there first full length album. I came across the single “Abigail” On Youtube, as a related video suggestion to a “Black Veil Brides” song. I was amazed at the power in Singer Chris Motionless’ voice. He had some crazy power, I checked out more songs, now they’re one of my favorite bands.

  3. Kyaunna L. says:

    I feel that music starts with inspiration. A good song is meaningful when it truly expresses emotions or ideas that form from experiences with different life situations. A good song also sounds nice to the ear. Many times with pop I like a song because of its sound and don’t even know what the words are. Though, with Taylor Swift you can really hear what she says. She writes songs that really appeal to teenagers because they are about things they know and can relate to. When I hear a song I like on the radio, I’ll look it up on You tube and listen to it again. Then I’ll show it to my sisters to see if they enjoy it too. Then I might even buy it on I-tunes or the entire album on CD. I don’t download it illegally because I don’t know how and because your not supposed to. I know a lot of work is put into making and distributing the music. so why not buy it and let them get paid for their work. I know some people think that because the artist is rich they don’t need any more money, so not paying is fine. I don’t care if they are rich or not. If their music is successful with consumers, let them get paid for their success because they deserve to get rewarded for being extremely good at what they do.

  4. Reba Meserve says:

    Earlier this year, my friend introduced me to his favorite band, Relient K. Relient K is a Christian rock band that was formed in 1998. Forget and Not Slow Down is the name of their sixth album. A few months ago I watched a video that they released on their official website about the making of that album. It is close to an hour long and starts off by showing where they go to record and it ends by showing them touring. They record at Dark Horse studios for a few weeks. They devote days to individual instruments, starting with drums then bass then guitars. They end with adding vocals. The five members of Relient K spend a lot of time discussing how to put the parts together. Their goal is to have an “organic” sound, as real as possible. While recording, they are in a casual and relaxed environment. They use their label, Jive records, to help them set up tours and manufacture the actual cds. Relient K uses the internet a lot to help them reach out to find and keep fans. They are active on twitter and keep an updated blog on their website. They release videos of them recording while the albums are in production to keep fans interested. They have a few music videos but not many.

    I find that their music is so relatable. Also, their songs are mostly upbeat and positive which is nice. You can definitely hear in the music the fun attitudes of the musicians.

  5. Heather Bondeson says:

    As you’ve probably guessed… I’m doing my post about Motley Crue. I was introduced to Motley Crue in 7th grade by one of my friends. Motley Crue was signed to Elektra records in 1981 and released their first album with Elektra called Too Fast for Love. Motley left Elektra when they released their seventh album, Generation Swine because Elektra didn’t support it. Motley then created their own label company, Motley Records. Their songs are mostly written by their bassist, Nikki Sixx, who started the band with Tommy Lee, their drummer. The songs are inspired by personal experiences that the band members have. Sometimes the lyrics are written first and the music comes after, but if the music comes first, it is usually a melody or riff another member played that they enjoyed. Motley Crue’s sound is a mixture of glam rock and heavy metal, and are given the credit for making hair metal a significant genre.

  6. Lizzy Adkins says:

    For this blog I chose to do it on Nicki Minaj. Nicki minaj was in a rapping contest when lil wayne discovered her. Lil wayne heard her rapping and signed her to his next label Young Money. After that nick minaj became a solo rapper. I dont know the steps it takes for the music to reach the “fans” ears other the obvious. Nicki minaj’s first solo label is was pink friday and she is also the first to reach number one on the U.S billboard 200 for female rapper since 2002. Also she is the first artist EVER to have 7 singles on the Billboard hot 100 at the same time.

  7. Paul Yarumian says:

    A person that i have been listening to lately is Eric Church. Actually i am listening to him now. A song that i rely like by him is a song called “Drink In My Hand”. He mainly plays country song which I like to listen to. Im guessing that he like many other artists put hours upon hours in a recording studio trying to get his song perfect. I don’t know what label he belongs to but i’m shore that they do a lot of work to help him out. I hope that I will be able to do further research on this topic.

  8. Ryan Harris says:

    I am researching the band “Avenged Sevenfold.” They just made a new record, Nightmare, on the Warner Brothers record label. They started writing it in 2009. They kept writing until their drummer, The Rev, died. They stopped for a while and didn’t know if they could continue making the record. Once they got over the death of their drummer, they found his favorite drummer, Mike Portnoy, and asked if he would record with them. He did and then they spent long hard hours of work writing songs and recording them. They wanted to make this record in honor of The Rev so most of the new lyrics were about him and his life. Mike helped them write some of the songs for them, just as The Rev did. Once they recorded all the songs, the album came out digitally. Then it came out in stores. In the first week it sold over 150,000 copies. The album reached gold in three different countries. So after a lot of hard work, a lot of inspiration, and a lot of help from Warner Brothers Records, they produced a record that is being listened to all around the world.

  9. Elizabeth Doyle says:

    I love many different types of music, but one artist I’m really into at the moment is NeverShoutNever. I admit I really don’t know a lot about the music making process, because before this assignment I never really thought about it, I just listened to the music and appreciated the artist’s effort in getting out on an album. I love a song that truly expresses something the band or artist believes in, if it’s their own creation and style, not the record label’s. I have heard of labels controlling what songs artists put on their albums, and I don’t agree with that. I feel the band should be able to make their own music how they want, and create the albums they want. NeverShoutNever is made up of just Christopher Drew, and his songs come directly from his feelings and his experiences in life. I don’t know what record label he has, but he’s fairly popular, so I’m sure there’s a company helping him with publicity and such. Now that I know a little more about record labels than I did before this project, researching more to come up with a final presentation shouldn’t be too hard, because new material in the music industry is never-ending, as well as differing opinions on the songs and labels that produce them.

  10. Makayla Lauritsen says:

    One of my favorite bands is Panic At The Disco and my favorite song by them would be The Ballad Of Mona Lisa! And when I listen to it, that thought comes to mind. How did they create such a masterpiece?! When I really think about it, I picture them trying to come up with lyrics that make sense, but also sound good. Then I think they would try to make some sort a rhythm to go with the lyrics. And of course, they have to find the right notes and pitches and dynamics to play. Something eerie, but also has that catchy feeling to it. And then, they have to get that song/album out there. My friend introduced me to this band. Well, sort of. I heard them on the radio before, I just never payed attention to who the band was. So she introduced me to this particular song….and I feel in love with the band so fast! I had their song stuck in my head for DAYS! They also have a lot of enthusiasm! And that makes all their music videos more amazing. And again, that thought comes to mind…….how the heck did they come up with such a great story to go along with such a great song?!?! Sometimes, I believe it just takes your imagination, and inspiration.

  11. I believe I will be doing my project on how the ideas of dong-wrangling music videos, kitten-filled pictures, the band members running from a man in a bear costume, the intriguing various-genered music, and sometimes confusing lyrics go from the members of We Are Scientist’s crazy(It may be rude to say that but check out the horse blanket ideas on their main website.) heads to my ears and eyes(pictures and music videos). It starts with the bandmates, Keith Muarry(guitarist and vocalist), Chris Cain(bassist), and Andy Burrows(percussionists) getting together and composing their music. Then it’s brought to the people of Masterswan(Amazing label name huh?). This unfortunately is all I have in chronological order so far. It would appear that instead of posting how they make their music on sites they prefer to post stuff that comes from their teenager-like-minds. Seriously if you want a laugh, (well maybe a chuckle or two, and only some of the stuff is humorous, but still) check this site out: WARNING CONTENT LEVEL IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR SMALL CHILDREN!
    P.s.: I did not treat this project like a joke, I have information it’s just not in a presentable state yet.

  12. Okay, I spelt dog wrong and I left out a colon, sorry.

  13. Cailyn Shepard says:

    A band that I am quite fond of is Big Time Rush, I usually listen to more hard rock, they are the only pop band I will go out of my way to listen to.But they are amazing and are defiantly one of my very favorite bands. On the show the boys in the band are hockey players from Minnesota and a music producer traveled around looking for a new singer to make famous. James then goes to try out and has the rest of his friends try out as well. At first none of them make it because he said they weren’t good enough. But the following day the producer Gustavo Roque comes and finds the boys and wants to take one of them, Kendal (My favorite <3, to bring back to Hollywood to make famous. But Kendal decides that if he is going to go then Gustavo has to bring all four of the boys with him and make them a singing group… I don't know if that's the real story behind it or that's just made up to make a show. But I'm interested in finding out more on how they got so famous so fast. they are on their third album right now. I came across them first by their show on Nickelodeon. But I loved them from the beginning and listen to them on my ipod, pandora, youtube, and grooveshark, whatever I'm on at the moment. BTR<3

  14. James Maxwell says:

    For this assignment, I focused on a band called Three Days Grace. This is a rock band that I like to listen to . One of the bands first albums produced was One-x, an this is the bands best album in my opinion. On Youtube, I saw a video posted that was an interview of the band describing what was going on when they produced the album. The album consisted of many great songs that focused on what was going on in the band’s life at the time. One of my favorite songs from the album is Over and Over. The making of the album was very interesting. The band stated that they went to a secluded area and wrote the album. Doing this gave the band peace and quit to produce the music. When the song is recorded, it is made either put into ITunes or onto discs and CD’s which allow you to listen to the music. The recording process consists of a lot of trial and error. They keep trying until they get it how they want it to be. I was lucky enough to go to one of their concerts in May. The live recording of the music is a much different experience than just listening to it on a IPod or Youtube.

  15. Spencer "Mr. Amazing" Hugo-Vidal says:

    This year, I have decided to travel to Finland with my project, to see how songs get produced across the pond (and, well, the North Sea as well). The band I’m focusing on is Finntroll, a Finnish Folk Metal Band from Helsinki. The unique aspect of them is their usage of the Swedish language (in Finland, their happens to be Swedish-speaking minority). Without extensive research, what I have gathered is this:
    Upon releasing their demo album “Rivfader” in 1998, Spinefarm (a Finnish record label that focuses primarily on Metal artists) became interested in them, and made a contract with them. Their second album, “Jaktens Tid (released in 2001)” made them well-known, climbing to position 20 in Finnish album charts and gaining the attention of Century Media, a large European record label focused on Metal as well. The band soon joined Century Media, where they are to this day.
    I can’t wait to learn more about this band, as well as how Folk Metal becomes produced.

  16. Gabe ML says:

    I found out about my favorite band by listening to the radio. I heard the song and liked it, but I didn’t know what the song was called until I looked it up. After this, I looked at their other songs, and I really liked them. They turned out to be called “foster the people”, and they quickly became my favorite band.
    Right now, Foster the people only has one album, “Torches”. I know that it was nominated for best album, and their song “pumped up kicks” is on the top 3 right now. One thing I like about them, especially foster (the leader) is that they are very passionate and into their music, having a lot of fun going around playing a whole bunch of instruments.
    Their enthusiasm really shows in their music, and it makes it fun to know how much someone loves the music they make and the job they have, and they definitely will be remembered by me in my mind.

  17. Kirsten Anna says:

    My band is Barlow Girls.I know that they started by just singing in church together, because they are sisters. They began to use instruments and realize this is what they love to do. They, put out their first CD, I am not entirely sure how. I don’t know much more about them, besides that they are now on a Christian radio station and preform many concerts. They sell T-Shirts and CDs and many other nicknack things to buy. I don’t know who their label is but I know they get publicity from the Radio Stations.

  18. Dylan Francis says:

    I enjoy listening to Queen, they are a very well known band but the newer artist don’t have much of an idea of how that happened. Queen created multiple songs for each album and concert. They did a lot of touring in the beginning which started their fan base. They produce their music through a record label which does most of the work for them. Advertising, promoting, and finding locations for the band to play. When Queen started out, promotionally that was a lot more of a challenge for the band. Now that we are in the 21st century we have things like iTunes which will suggest songs that you may like. If a new album is created for iTunes it will suggest new songs for that band. I don’t illegally download music because it is not worth it with the amount of viruses that could come from using those websites. And that is why I use iTunes which will help the artists in the long run if they need money or even the fans.

  19. Anna French says:

    About a year ago, Wilson started listening to the band Mumford & Sons. When he showed me a couple songs by them, I thought they were great. They’re a folk rock band whose music style is very different from what I’ve heard in the past. The members of the band typically play guitar, banjo, bass, keyboard, mandolin, auxiliary percussion instruments, and occasionally a full drum kit. The band is from England and formed just a few years ago in 2007.
    My favorite song I’ve heard from them is The Cave that came out on the album Sign No More a couple years ago. The lyrics have really powerful implications and the distinct sounds of the banjo create interest throughout the song.
    I know this band has had one studio album and a few EPs. They have had a few different labels that are located in different countries, helping reach an audience from all around the world. Although I haven’t explored much of their other music, I definitely will start. I really like their style and everyone in the band is really talented and entertaining to listen to.

  20. Mel Cropley~ says:

    Despite my “obsession” with My Chemical Romance, I’ve decided to use the band Blind Guardian for this project. Blind Guardian is a power metal band from Krefeld, Germany. Although they are a German band, most (if not all) of their lyrics are in English. Blind Guardian bases their songs off Fantasy novels by authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien, as well as more traditional myths and legends. This is part of why I really like listening to Blind Guardian, their songs are based of some of my favourite stories, and some that I never heard of but then read and end up really enjoying. (An example of this being the song ‘Otherland’, which is based off the ‘Otherland’ series of books.) Blind Guardian’s last two records have been released under the label Nuclear Blast – a German record label for metal bands – which they are currently signed to.
    ~ I’m very interested to know more about how these albums are produced, as well as more about the band themselves.

  21. Ian says:

    The band I am going to talk about is Three Days Grace. First heard them on the radio and when they announced the song name and band name. I then looked them up online and listened to some of their other music online. I liked it so I looked at some of my local music stores and online for other music. They really relay what they sing about and give, in my opinion give great messages with their music. I really know a lot of people like them and they are very popular. The one song I really like is Just Like You, which was a very good song when it first came out being in the top ten.

  22. Simone says:

    The band i am going to talk about is Escape the Fate. I first listened to this band last year on my friends ipod. I liked the beat and the singers voice so i looked them up. I learned that the main singer had switched bands and that they do tours. I think this band is well known. The one song i like by them is Not Good Enough in Cliche that is sung by Ronni Radke i believe.

  23. Kira Dumont~ says:

    My favorite band is (what else) My Chemical Romance :p The way I was introduced to them was from Mel in art class last year and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. So after I heard them online, I decided to buy all of their albums and listen to how they have changed over the time of 10 years. Every song has a different moral, especially their 1st and 2nd album. And in my (and Mel’s, Nora’s and Makayla’s) opinion, they are the world’s greatest band and they have inspired many people to do many different things, from art to music. All of their songs are AMAZING so it’s hard to choose my favorite, but if i had to pick one song, it would either have to be It’s Not A Fashion Statement, It’s A Deathwish or This Is How I Disappear.

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