Music Project: “I Feel Good!- Na Na Na Na Na Na Na”

So music can actually make you feel good?  Really?  And playing music can too? Really?  Even Bayou Breakdown?  Ok,  maybe not that, or maybe for a few people.  However, music seems to have some sort of power to effect us, both when we are playing it, and when we listen to it.  We will be learning about some of the reasons that music effects us this way, and in particular we will be looking at why some music just makes us feel good.   After a bad day or a break-up, or when something happens in the world that just makes people down, how does certain types of music take us from these depths of the sea to the peak of the mountains?

As the 19th century jewish poet Berthold Auerbach said, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Please post a reply to this about why you think music has these effects on us?  Have you ever listened to something that made you feel just plain good?  What was it, and why do you think that music can have that power?

What about playing music?  Do you like playing music?  Does it help get you through some other emotions when you play? Why are you in band?  Does playing in music in band help you get through the rest of your school day? Why? If you play other instruments outside of school, talk about why this might bring you “joy”?

Remember, talking to other people’s posts are encouraged, and though no specified length is given, you should take your time to think this through when answering, and illustrate that you have thought about this concept in your post. You also do not have to any research with this post, you are really just starting to think through your thoughts on this subject.

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20 Responses to Music Project: “I Feel Good!- Na Na Na Na Na Na Na”

  1. Morgan Thomas says:

    I defiantly have songs that make me feel just “plain good”! I go to these after a hard day at work, rough practice, or the day over all just sucked. Some of the songs would be: Hurt so Good by John Mellencamp, We Are Young by Fun, and Springsteen by Eric Church. Oh! Although if you play Piano Man by Billy Joel I will be the happiest kid in the world :)! These songs make me feel happy because for me they have so much fun in them. They are upbeat and have fun chorus’s (:. Music has the power to do this because I feel the artist has the power to make listeners find their happiness. They do this by making it upbeat and a dance-able song.
    I feel that playing music does not make me as happy if I try and play it. I’m more happier if I listen to it. I find that I play a lot better if I am really mad. I seem to get the part and I always seem to do better at everything when I’m mad. I’m in band because it breaks up my day, which I love! It helps me get through everday! One block where I do not have to listen to a teacher go on and on and on about a topic that I have not interest in learning. Second block is the best because I get to have fun, and relax a little.
    Happy Music makes me a happier Morgan :)!

  2. Tony Ciampi says:

    The songs I chose were 1) Under Pressure-Queen 2) Wave on Wave-Pat Green 3) Free-Zac Brown Band 4) You’ll be in my heart-Phil Collins, from Tarzan These songs, when I first heard then gave me gooseumps, I was blown away by the music. The style, feeling, dynamics, message, they all just blew me away. These 3 songs made me feel good, I was happy, and excited when I heard these songs. I listen to songs, then run downstairs to my drumset and try to play them out. That is where I get the best feeling, playing a new, catchy song with great emotion and feeling. Im not exactly sure why these select songs make me feel good, but I know that I enjoy them and always want to play them again.Watching the movie Tarzan, and see Phil collins play the drums really gave me the inspiration to pursue the drumset. I loved his music, Genesis, and the music from the movie Tarzan. Being in concert band has helped me through high school, without it I don’t know what I would’ve done to fill the void the being a percussionist and drummer entails. I love it and always will.

  3. Eddie Maxwell says:

    Music can have a powerful effect on people; not only listening to it, but playing it too. I think music makes people feel good because it can take your mind off of other things and just forget about the rest of the world for a while. Other than that, the rhythms can be very catchy and stick in your head. I know for me, both playing it and listening to it is enjoyable. One song I really enjoy is “Seize the Day” by Avenged Sevenfold. While this may not be a ‘happy dappy’ song, it makes me feel great just listening to it. Playing the trumpet in band makes me feel great too; some people on the other hand hate me playing because “it’s too loud” but they’ll get over it. When I’m playing the trumpet, I completely forget about things that have been troubling me all day, like if an essay is due or I have a big test. To me, band can be an oasis in the barren desert that is school.

  4. Spencer Ratte says:

    *le hoping this is where you submit this*
    Music is one of the few things in life that has succeeded in making me truly happy. Whether it be listening to music or playing it, it never fails to either improve my mood or to retain an already good one. I think music has this ability not only due to neurological reasons (endorphins/dopamine being released, evolution leading to music being beneficial, etc.), but because, like many other things, it’s a hobby. I enjoy learning (sadly teaching myself due to lack of lessons…) new instruments, and when you get the satisfaction of successfully doing something, it’s just plain awesome. Whether it’s learning a new note on an instrument you just started, or figuring out a really hard riff on one you’ve played for years, not many things can compare to that level of satisfaction.
    As for listening to music, I’ll go with the band Mors Principium Est as an example (go check out the song Pure. It’s awesome). I’ve had many people question how music like this can make you happy, seeing as this band plays melodic death metal. As with most songs, the lyrics have an impact. As opposed to popular belief, you infact CAN understand growled/screamed vocals if you know what to listen for, and in many instances the subject matter of metal bands appeals to me. Whether it be the more whimsical fantasy/mythological styling of power metal/folk metal bands or the more serious subject matter of genres like black metal and death metal, intelligent sounding lyrics are one of the biggest factors that sway how much I like a song. The instrumental elements of a song probably have the greatest emotional effect, and in a way that’s hard to describe. It’s a feeling you don’t know unless you’ve felt it, and I’m assuming everyone here has, or y’know, you probably wouldn’t be in band.

  5. Kirsten Thomas says:

    I know for me, listening to music, especially Christian music in my case, is one vital importance that I need to get through thte day. Songs like Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K, and Outcast by Karrie Roberts, just relate to me so much , and are so funny and make me laugh. Music can take a day of tiredness, or anger into a day of great joy. Sadie Hawkins Dance is so funny, and the band writes a bunch of just silly songs, its almost like on Veggie Tales when they do silly songs, its like that just, for big kids.
    Playing music for me has a much different impact then listening to it. Playing in band class, I don’t usually listen to the modern songs that they have out now but I do love disney movies, and Up is just such a happy song, and I love listening to it. Hoevere for me, playing the piano or flute is a challenge, so I don’t like to do that as much, but singing, singing makes me so happy. Especially singing these songs, I can just poor out every bt of anger or find the joy that is hiding inside me for that day just from singing out the songs, and if I truly believe them I can just be speaking, but in a way that is confortable for me.
    Music is very important in my life, with out it, I don’t even want to think about where I would be if there was no thing as music I have been having a lot of rough things going on in my Church family, and a lot of my family left the church, and I feel like that is a lot like what is happening in out Music program now. We are lossing our family, even for fith grade band, people say oh its just 5th grade band but they don’t understand that some people can’t get on with there day with out music. And who knows what they could make it grow to be. I don’t want another broken family. Listening to uplifting music helps me get through these things.

  6. Kyaunna L. says:

    I think music can make us feel better in multiple ways. It can either distract you from the problem to help you forget, or relate to the problem to help you figure it out or make you feel like your not alone. It can remind you of something happy or get you excited.
    A song that catches my attention every time is “Good Girl” by Carrie Underwood. It is the sound of her voice that is amazing, not even the lyrics. It has that power especially when at one point in the song she starts singing her heart out and it just makes you say, “Wow” because it is so natural. She sounds exactly the same live as on CD.
    Making music with my flute is different because there aren’t any written lyrics, but I still like it. You have to listen carefully to figure out what the image/emotion is that it is trying to give you. Playing my flute can help me forget about things, but it doesn’t help me solve what ever it is. I am in band class because I wanted to improve my flute playing abilities, and I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned through concerts. Playing music in band is a fun way to fill a block and it doesn’t require the same type of thinking. You have to coordinate your hands and breath all while reading dots on, above, or below a bunch of lines and taking notice of any other indications of how the music is supposed to be played. I don’t play any other instruments outside of school other than occasionally the piccolo, but there’s no variation between the way I feel when playing the piccolo or flute.

  7. Gabe says:

    When considering why music makes us feel good, we first must ask ourselves, why does doing anything make us feel good? What is it about doing, sensing or experiencing different things that makes us like it so much? To tell you the truth, I cannot explain to you how billions of firing neurons can result in the emotions we feel in our everyday life. The human brain is a complex and amazing thing, and right now we understand a very small amount of the way it works. However, I am just going to tell you what I feel when I play music instead.
    There is a certain type of song that can make me “feel good”; this I discovered while listening to songs on CYY. A song that makes me feel good has to sort of fill me up with its chords and notes, it has to put me into a landscape of its notes and show me an idea. When I listen to that song again, I am instantly put back into that “landscape” of notes and rhythms. I feel good when I listen to a song that has a string of notes and emotion that I like.
    Sometimes, when I listen to a song that has a great idea behind it, a good melody, and emotion I just am filled up with that idea and just feel good! ba na na na na na na! I think it has this power because music has been in our history for thousands of years. Because of this close relationship with music, the brain always relates a melody or a string of notes to an idea or feeling. Sometimes a person listening to the song will like the feeling “attached” to the music, and will feel “good”. One song that I really feel good while listening to is “Kill Your Heroes” by “AWOLNATION”. The beat and chords combined with the singer just makes me feel good when I listen to it.
    When I play drumset, it makes me feel good because I can play anything that I want and I can play whatever cool beat comes to mind. Most of the time It my playing depends on how I feel that day. (Kill Your Heroes)

  8. Heather Bondeson says:

    There are some songs I like that are just fun, feel good songs that make you happy when you hear them, no matter what. I think one of my favorite songs that makes me happy is Good Times by Tommy Lee. The upbeat guitars and happy melodies and general feel good mood to the song is what makes me happy when I listen to it. Music can have this power because everyone has a personal connection to at least one song, something everyone can relate too in some way.

    Playing music also makes me happy because it’s fun to do. If you’re playing for yourself you can interpret a piece however you want and just have fun with what you’re doing. I like to play when I’m mad because I can just forget about what happened when I’m playing. I like playing in band because I’m with friends who also like being in band and we make music together, which is always fun. Band helps me get through the rest of the day (mostly by waking me up) because it makes me happy and a lot less sleepy.

  9. Reba Meserve says:

    I love listening to music because of the way it makes me feel. Most of the songs I listen to make me feel good. Some examples are Autobahn by Anberlin, Beautiful Day by U2, and Everything’s Magic by Angels and Airwaves. Those songs have the power to make me feel great because they are all positive upbeat songs with uplifting lyrics. I really like Everything’s Magic because it creates such a happy mood. The quick tempo of the music and the catchy chorus allow me to relax. I also like playing music to get in a better mood. I like playing familiar songs like theme songs to shows I used to watch when I was little. It also makes me feel good to practice a difficult piece and finally get it. I am in band because I enjoy playing music. I like working on pieces and having them come together. I like how it breaks up my day, it is my only interactive class rather than just listening to a teacher.

  10. Keith Wasson says:

    I don’t have any songs in particular that make me feel good. Any song in the genres of music I listen to make me feel good because I use music to help me end my days. I use it to let go of everything like a long day at school. I used music to comfort me when my grandfather was in the hospital for a few weeks before his quadruple bypass and a few weeks while he was recovering. I play music because it is a way to express your self and your feelings, it also helps to forget the day an lose your self in the music. Band class is the best part of the day for me even when we play bayou breakdown because I am always happy after band class is over, it helps me wake up. To me music is an essential part of life it may mean different things to other people but we all need it in some way.

  11. Zack Gryskwicz says:

    I think that music is a way to “leave the world” for most people. Just listening and playing it is a way to get away, leave whatever is happening in your life and sing along to a song that makes you feel good. I think a few songs that make me feel happy or good are Can’t Tell Me Nothing-Kanye West, Lights (Bassnectar Remix)- Ellie Goulding, Strange Couds- B.O.B , Persuit Of Happiness- Kid Cudi, and Red Nation- The Game. These songs make me feel happy because the upbeat tempo, and the easy to remember lyrics. Also these songs have a really catchy beat, just makes me feel good. For playing percussion, I love just going to band and maybe have a test next block, just beat on the drums and get relaxed, get all my anger out.

  12. Danny L says:

    Music is magical, it can change how one sees life, or how one feels at a certain moment. It can even back memories of when you first heard the song or when you had the strongest feeling that the song makes you feel. The song that I picked “Baby elephany walk” by Henery Mancini makes me feel happy and it reminds me of the first time i heard it in 8th grade Tye would whine about it and i would laugh at him for it. Most of the music I listen to is epic and loud like it that way makes me feel happy, dont know why just does, though there are songs like Bayou Breakdown that are loud and epic that i just hate. I also love to play epic songs like Metrix its simple but its still epic what else could you ask for right. Another thing that helps set the mood for a song is its tempo, music with a fast tempo songs are happy and up beat, and songs with a slow tempo are usually sad and morose, but yeah thats why i like music it can make you feel any thing and remember almost any moment if you were listening to that song then.

  13. Elizabeth Newberry says:

    Listening to music definitely has a huge impact on emotions, especially the ones that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Whether it’s hardcore music, or music coming from a synthesizer, there are a ton of songs that give me that happy feeling. Two of my favorite songs that bring my mood right up are Gone So Long by Breathe Carolina and Take One Last Breath by Abandon All Ships. These songs have the power to make me a happy camper, even if I’ve been down in the dumps all day long.
    Playing music is also something that I love to do to make me feel good. It makes me feel talented that I can make music, which is something that a handful of people can’t. That feeling you get when you finally hit the correct note when singing, when you can finally understand the guitar tab you’ve been staring at for the past week, making your fingers move fast enough on your instrument. They all lead to that amazing happy feeling. It’s kind of like a kid in a candy shop! 🙂 Being in band definitely helps the rest of my day. I’m always excited for 2nd block band no matter what we do. It takes all the stress away and makes life easier for a while. Sure, not all of the pieces we play are fun, but just being able to create music is fantastic. Music makes me happy, no doubt about it! 😀

  14. Taylor Morin says:

    I find music to be a special part of my life. It was there for all of my seventeen years, through the good times and bad. I could always find a song to connect to or dance to. For example, when I feel down and unappreciated, I listen to ‘Invisible’ and ‘You’re Not Alone’ by my favorite band, Big Time Rush. Songs like those remind me that I am alright and life is life. When I feel like dancing, either by myself or with friends, I listen to LMFAO’s ‘Party Rock Anthem,’ Pink’s ‘Raise Your Glass’, or ‘Blow your Speakers Out’ by BTR.
    Even the music from band class or the random songs I create make me happy. Like ‘Waltz No.2’ is fun to play, and listen to. Listening to it, I can let my imagination run wild. Or ‘UP’ leaves me in the clouds. Creating weird songs on the piano makes me laugh.
    But either way music is my emotion release, and is something i can control and feel good about. It’s something that can understood and accepted (to those willing anyway.) The songs that move you can help some people, like my music helps me.

  15. Tony Payeur says:

    Music can have an impact on how you feel. There are lots of songs that just make me fell good. This could be because it just distracts me from my problems or is about something that I like a lot. Some songs that make me feel just plain good are Song of the South by Alabama, Dixie by Daniel Decatur Emmett, One Step Beyond by Madness and the Inspector Gadget Theme Song. These songs can make me feel good when things have gone bad.
    These songs are catchy and never leave my head. I really like Song of the South and Dixie because it’s about the South, one of the best places to be. I like the mood these songs are in and the messages they have. They also have great dynamics and rhythm. This music could just play in my head over and over again and I still won’t get bored of it. Music just makes me feel good, especially if it is really catchy.

  16. Elizabeth Doyle says:

    I myself am a very musical person (as i’m sure many kids in band are), so this kind of concept affects me a lot. It sounds slightly dramatic to say that my life revolves around music, but in a way it’s true. It’s what motivates me & makes me happy. I remember in middle school, if i wasn’t feeling well or I needed to stay home from reason, I would always refuse to stay home if it was a band day. Those three days a week that we had band were the highlights of my week. Now I’ve had it both semesters, so that makes things a lot better. Even as I write this I’m listening to music, which I do whenever I get the chance. I love so many different kinds of music, I really can’t pick a favorite band or song. But the songs that just make feel good & I connect to, are “Siberia” & “In the Dark I See” by Lights (she’s the artist i’m currently obsessing over), “Sunlight” & “Feel Good” by Modestep, & many more that I could name.

    I feel like if you play an instrument or you sing, the music you listen to affects you more, you connect with it more & think about the meaning. For me, I want music to be my career someday. Playing flute, piccolo, piano, saxophone, AND being in chorus this year has really opened my eyes to what I can do with music. Playing & writing music gives me the same joy that I feel when I listen to it. I know it’s what I want to do forever, & if it weren’t for the band programs in our schools I would’ve never realized that. So it upsets me that if they cut these programs, other kids may never realize how much they love music too. I think if music makes you happy, then make it a regular thing in your life. Simple as that.

  17. David Hegarty says:

    I think music can defiantly have a strong effect on your mood whenever you listen to it. I’m always listening to music no matter what and I’ve found if I’m listening to a sad song I can feel kind of down, but if I’m listening to a uplifting song it can make you feel good no matter what you’re doing. It also expresses it’s self through my playing. If it has been a rough day I can sit down and play a sad song and it’s almost like I just vented about the entire day and I feel better after playing. Or if something really excited happens I’ll burst out into a happy song. Music can defiantly affect our mood and outlook on life when we listen to it.

  18. digitalscore says:

    Owl City is an artist that can always put me in a good mood. For me, a large part of the reason certain music makes me happy is because of the memories I associate with certain songs. I listened to a lot of Owl City songs last summer at camp. It was one of the greatest summers ever for me, so listening to that music makes me happy because it breaks back memories of that time.

    I love playing music. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do it as often as I do. When I’m having a bad day, sometimes all it takes is grabbing my guitar or sitting down at the piano to lift my mood. It can work the other way, too. Playing sad music can calm me down, even if I had been in a happy, hyper mood. Being in band or chorus is always a bright spot in my day at school. Just being able to relax in a class and play music gives me a more positive outlook on the rest of the day.
    I think music makes me happy because it can calm me down and make me relax. I get stressed out really easily, so music is great for that reason.

  19. aaron wilbur says:

    I feel that the reason why music has such a profound affect on a person is because music is i primal language that anyone can identify with, it gives expression to the feelings the would be inexpressible, on the tip of our tongue, yet not able to be identified. Personally for me, the band Structures makes me feel absolutely delightful, they build such an anticipation within me that I get goosebumps just knowing that a certain part is coming up. I think that their music does this for me because of how musical they are and how much I interact with the music when I hear it.
    As far as playing music goes, I thoroughly enjoy it. Creating music fills me with contentment, simply because I am making something and it is my own. In a concert band setting, music certainly does accelerate my day, although I get the pieces stuck in my head. Playing guitar brings me joy because it is what I want to do with my life, so for me, working towards my life dream is extremely satisfying, how could it not be?

  20. Kira Dumont says:

    I think music has an effect in everyones lives. Whether it may be making music or just listening to it, it definately makes us all fell alive and happy. It certainly does this to me, making music and listening to it.
    One band that can always bring me up when I feel down is Owl City. It always brings a smile to my face because I always think about my boyfriend when I listen to their song ‘If My Heart Was a House’. This is our song and I can’t help but smile like an idiot when I hear it 🙂
    If I didn’t have music in my life, I don’t know what I would do. There are so many things that involve music in my life. Like, if I never joined chorus, how would I have ever met the most amazing boyfriend in the world? If I didn’t join band, how will I have ever made the friends that I have in band?

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