Colliding Sounds-Genres and Styles

Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 11.00.25 AMSometimes we get so wrapped up in listening to the music we like that we forget that there is long historical story from which the music came to be.  The story did not start with that band or artist, or even within the artist’s lifetime.  There were inspirations and a lineage of sound to help that artist develop.  We forget that there may not have been that song we so love, if it were not for the history of expression where it came from. We have seen this in the context of Jazz in the New Orleans tradition, but I would like to see you dig into the music you love to make connections to the past, and how that sound developed.  To start thinking about the process of how sounds collide to create new genres and artists, write a blog post to posted as indicated by Mr. Sturtevant about what you know about a specific genre, and discuss what you know about that genre, and how it relates to genres of the past.  You may choose to focus on one band or artist that you enjoy, and possibly focus on one song or album and tell us what you know about how the song is connected to sounds of the past.  (Due 12/10)

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22 Responses to Colliding Sounds-Genres and Styles

  1. Ryan says:

    Rock and Jazz are so close that they have there own combined genre. Jazz used mostly brass and percussion in early years. When rock was introduced the brass sections were dropped more and more. Rock became very popular just like jazz had become when it came out. They both have solos in most songs. Just like almost every genre, syncopation’s are used. Rock uses guitar, drums, bass and vocals. Ironically jazz has those instruments too…. Although Jazz uses mostly clean guitar, rock uses more distorted guitar.

  2. Joel says:

    Rock and Roll was first created in the 50’s as a mix of several genres. The music typically has 2 electric guitars, a bass, and a drum kit. Rock usually has a pulsing beat that gets everyone into it when they listen to it. It is probably one of the top genres still today.

  3. Dylan Francis says:

    Dylan Francis (Block 2)- Country Music may be considered a minority in the world of music. But the history of it is not much different than any other genre. Country music was started in Southern United States mostly in rural parts of that region, with its roots of American Folk Music as well as the image of the Old West. Most of these songs are composed with similar instruments for example, banjoes, acoustic or electric guitar, harmonicas, fiddles, and some wind instruments. Country has evolved a lot since it was “created” in 1940’s as Hillbilly Music to a category that describes multiple sub genres, rhythms and styles. Country’s sub categories consist of many different styles that some might not realize is country music. These artist have different sources for inspiration, whether it is relationships, an item in your home or like Toby Keith a whole song dedicated to a “Red Solo Cup.” This just shows you that anything can be an inspiration for anyone.

  4. Anna says:

    Anna French (Block 2) – My project is going to be on the indie folk genre, and more specifically, the band Of Monsters and Men and their first album “My Head is an Animal”. Indie folk is a sub-genre of alternative rock with folk and country influences. This style of music often uses instruments such as acoustic guitars, electric guitars, wind instruments, violins and other strings, and different percussion instruments to get its unique sound.

  5. James Maxwell says:

    One of my favorite all time bands is Three Days Grace. For the most part, Three Days Grace plays the genre known as rock. It is to the understanding of most people that rock originated in the mid 20th century. Rock, or rock ‘n’ roll, was listened to widely by the younger generations during this time period. It was basically the rap of the 20th century. Rock consists of combinations of many other different styles of music, including jazz, blues, country and gospel. It is a very catchy music genre, and it started out with a piano player usually, with the background usually consisting of drums and bass guitar. These instruments were very common among the genres before rock ‘n’ roll. One thing that was not so often used, however, was the electric guitar. The electric guitar was a new thing in the mid 20th century, and it stole the hearts of many young people who wanted to listen to music that defied their parents. Elvis, as you probably know, was one of the biggest hits during this time. He practically gave rock ‘n’ roll its name when he was one of the first ones to begin playing it in front of national audiences. My favorite album by the band Three Days Grace is their second album, One-X. It has a very natural feel to me, and even though I don’t play drums, this album makes me wish I had learned. In the music, there are even harmony parts in the vocals and guitars like other genres of the past. This is what I think of my favorite genre.

  6. Danny Lindberg says:

    I dont have a favorite band but i do have a favorite type of music which is Dub step. Dub step is a mixture of technological and vocal sounds that are edited by computer till it has reached the wanted sound. Dub step came from techno music but the difference in the two is that in Dub step in certain parts the bass is dropped. Techno music originated from Pink Floyd who were the first to pioneer in adding beeps and boops into their music, most of the time this just turned into a mess but eventually they got it right. With my childhood of listening to Pink Floyd i was exposed to massively computer edited music, which is why i like dub step.

  7. Maddy Logan says:

    I chose rock as a genre. I like many artists that are considered to fit into this category. For example; The Script, Daughtry, Evanescence, The Fray, Hinder, Maroon 5, John Hiatt, Nickelback, One Republic, Paramore, and many others. These are some of my favorite bands/singers. I don’t know a lot about the genre itself but I do know that a lot of these songs have some acoustic and a lot of electric guitar. It always has drum set and a quick beat. When people think about rick music they typically think about really loud and noisy music. But that is just a stereo type that people make. As I said before I don’t really know the historical aspects of it but I’m sure I will learn more as we do this project.

  8. Thomas Komulainen says:

    The Genre of pop is what most radio stations play today, all of the songs you here on the radio from newer artist like Carly Rae Jepsen are mostly pop, most of the songs are very catchy songs, ones that constantly repeat in your head and you get addicted to. There are many different types of Genres and Instruments included in this Genre. You will hear some Jazz and some rap occasionally. You will here a wide variety of instruments from the saxophone to the electric Piano to the Base drum, this type of music first was first made in the 1600’s but did not get pop for the name until 1926. Most of these songs are meant to have a hook and be very lively. One very know pop band is know as the Black Eyed Peas having many songs like “Where is the love” and “The Time”. These are some of the Reason’s pop is my favorite Genre of Music.

  9. Ryder Kallweit says:

    Right now in my life rap is a type of music that I enjoy thoroughly. I think Hip-hop/Rap is a newer type of music genre because it really started out in the 80’s. Now during the 80’s people were trying to bring back the 50’s and thats where you get like people looking like fonzi and stuff. Also people were trying to bring back some of the 70’s and mixed with the 80’s you get stuff like Micheal Jackson and Queen. But one thing that really started this new type of music started from the ghettos of California. Drug dealers, poor familys, shoot outs, gang fights were the type of things that made alot of people who had to deal with this depressed and to get their emotions and feelings out they put it into a poetic type of music called Rap. This type of music spread fast because there was so much of this depresion going on and people relating to it that people started doing it and felt better. So people like N.W.A., Public Enemy, Run DMC, Ice Tea were the ones to really spread it. So people are still learning this still new found genre of music that it is just so amazing listen to this Hip-Hop/Rap grow and change over time.

  10. Spencer Ratte The Almighty says:

    Even though it’s not my all time favorite genre, black metal definitely has an interesting past. The genre is often despised by the mainstream, known for satanic themes and misanthropic musicians– while this may be true of some, it is not of all. Black metal’s origin can be organized into two distinct waves, and the first-wave originated in the 1980’s as an offshoot of thrash metal. Bands like Venom, Hellhammer, and Celtic Frost were prevalent in early black metal, adopting the genre’s earmarks of shrieked vocals, fast tempo, raw recording, and dark themes. While these elements were present in the already developed thrash metal, black metal made it more extreme. Second wave thrash metal, 1990’s, is what most think of: Awesome Norwegian bands with ridiculous and/or frightening facepaint, church burnings, and murders. Bands like Burzum, Darkthrone, Emperor, and Mayhem were prevalent in the scene. While most can’t get past the few instances of church burnings and the like (only carried out by extremists, and not specifically because of the music; the music just added to their prior ideals), there is far more to the genre. The music is complex, the themes are philosophical, and the lyrics are intelligent. Of course this isn’t true of every song, there are always black sheep, but these are often traits of the music. And yeah. Who doesn’t like Fenno-Scandinavian metal? Seriously. It’s great. In Finland there’s even a dinosaur themed metal bands for kids. Seriously. How is that not literally the best?

  11. Elizabeth Doyle says:

    I like so many genres. It’s hard to pick one. But ever since I started listening to dubstep, it’s interested me. It’s not necessarily my favorite type of music, but I do like certain artists a lot. I actually know nothing about the origins at the moment. I know that it’s a fairly young genre and I sense that it will only grow over the years. Nero is probably my favorite dubstep artist, so I will focus on their style. Within dubstep, there’s actually many sub-categories that people may not realize. Some of it has a very reggae feel, some it has a more serious techno feel, and some incorporates outside elements from other genres as well. I love the melodic aspects of it, and it’s nice to like songs without lyrics sometimes, because sometimes a song’s lyrics can ruin it, even if the instrumental sounds good. So I am looking forward to learn more about this genre!

  12. Abby Stokes says:

    Most people think that Christian music is all just the songs that come out of the bible, book of Psalms, but it is much more than that. When I went to Soulfest a year ago, I could hear all the different types of music coming from everywhere. There was rock, rap, country, pop, screamo, and gospel. They all spread the word of God but just in different styles of music.
    I mostly listen to Christian rock. this originated from rock and roll. Once rock and roll stopped being polite in matching suites and became hippies. Some of the hippies realized that taking acid and drugs was making their lives beter. So some of them left the music and got a different job. Others found Christianity to be a more satisfying alternative. The people were called “jesus freaks”. They started touring churches, but most of them thought they weren’t in to the joy of the Lord.after awhile church people relaized they were actually legit. By the 1980s people started buying the albulms and eventually formed a “Christian music industry”.
    Christian Rock contains of guitars, drums, and vocals mostly. Some might have a keyboard or piano like The Wrecking or Casting Crowns. I find it very easy to listen to and you can easily relate to it. Since Christian music doesn’t always have to be about God and can be about life lessons that you have learned.

  13. David says:

    Lately, the only word I can find to describe my music taste is maybe, ambient? Maybe just because lately my music taste has been a steady feed of Lana Del Rey and The XX. Both artists use ambiance in different forms, The XX using it with slow but rich synth produced chords under stripped down vocals. Or Lana’s use of strings to create that ambient feel with string instruments playing with classical influences. I hope to find out more about music with this influence, to find out if there actually is a genre devoted to strictly ambient music or if it is just a characteristic found in many different genres.

  14. Paige Gardner says:

    I think that country is a mixture of olden music and the music of this time. Although people in this school think then country is gross or weird it can very relaxing and tell a story in in the mix of things. Like a story of love or hate.

    So it comes from the jazz and swing and cow boys. Cowboys came up with it. they made a mix of everything they know and made country music. So that is where i think country cam from.

  15. Jackson French says:

    Jackson French (block 1)- My project is going to be of a folk band called Mumford and Sons. I do not know anything about the heritage of folk music but I hope to learn all about it during the progression of this project.

  16. Heather Bondeson says:

    I’m going to be focusing on Celtic music. Celtic music is a Scottish/Irish derivative of folk music. I’m going to focus specifically on Enya for my project

  17. tpuckett2012 says:

    I am choosing Hip-Hop. This specific genre is everywhere. I feel it is also what most people listen to these days. It is a main focus on my favorite station. Not too long ago hip-hop wasn’t all what it is today, it has a lot more “language” in it than it did. Hip-hop I find can be quite glad. It can relax someone if they have a attraction towards it or if the songs message may be what they are going through.

  18. Casey Ahlemeyer says:

    I like a lot of genres but the one that I like the most is K-Pop ! If you don’t know what that is, it’s Korean pop. I think that K-Pop has it’s own genres itself. It doesn’t revolve around pop if that’s what you are thinking. Even though you may not understand ANYTHING that they are saying, it’s interesting to listen to and you might even pick up the language too ! Music isn’t about just listening to what you like, it’s being open to many choices and even some that you can’t understand.

  19. Griffin Swett says:

    Jazz was, and still is a a great inspiration to new and old artists. Artists such as Thelonious Monk, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Art Tatum, and many more wonderful artists have had a huge impact on the music world we see and hear today. Jazz music usually consists of some brass instruments such as the trumpet, some woodwinds like the saxophone, percussion instruments, and piano. Although I do not know much about jazz and its origins, I would like to learn more about it.

  20. Destiny Pecoraro-Bieber<3 says:

    I like quite a bit of genres but my favorite is rap and pop. I like this because Justin Bieber is a pop artist who knows how to rap. Pop music was discovered by rock and roll in the 1950’s in Britain and the United States of America. It is a genre that is popular around the world and is a great one to listen too.

  21. Max Wirth says:

    I like my warm up music. Its called “Jock Rock”. It uses a combination of fast tempos and melodies to pump us up. It gets us moving faster and just makes up pumed. I think its becasue we just let the music absorb us and flow through us, Also the lyrics are very close to a dance type of thing and are very just realization type of things(for lack of a better term)

  22. Gabe says:

    AWOLNATION, while it is not my favorite band, has its own genre and spontaneity that is really interesting. For this project especially, where it is all about genre melding, AWOLNATION is a great example. The leader of the band, Aaron Bruno does a great job incorporating many different genres into one band such as rock, electronic and rap. In their song “Knights of Shame”, it includes about four different styles. The band uses electronic sythesizers, both for voice and guitar. One of the biggest part of the band is the synth on the keyboard, and all along with the other instruments in the band, it creates a completely original sound.

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