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Hate music

There will always be music that we don’t like, or like less then then the music that we enjoy listening to.  So how can we understand what it is in the music that we like or don’t like? How we can communicate this to other people?  And more importantly, how can we move beyond being a biased listener?  Are there things that we can do to appreciate a type of music that might otherwise consider “bad music” or “not my taste”?  BLOG POST: Submit a response to this Blog Post by replying belowTell us about a style of music that you don’t like. Rack your memory bank, and pull out some reasons why you might not like this music based on your experiences with that style of music.  Then talk about what it is that you don’t understand about the music or people who listen to that music? Use some of the readings, guiding questions, and our conversations in class to connect to your thoughts about this music, and reasons why you might not enjoy it.   I would also like to see that you read what other students have written about, and respond to one other comment.  In your response, maybe find someone you disagree with, and tell them your perspective, and why you might like the music that they don’t like, and why you like it. (Due 5/15)

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25 Responses to Music of the Other

  1. Maya says:

    The type of music I do not like is rap.. Rap to me has no meaning. It has no “catchy rhythm”. And most of the time all it talks about is bad things. Rap is just annoying to me. Half the time you can’t even hear what they are saying. I don’t enjoy the beats. Rap music doesn’t inspire me, it is very boring.

  2. Nick says:

    The type of music that I don’t like is rap because it’s difficult to understand, can be offensive, and it can very agitating when you can hear coming from somebody elses car when they are driving down the road.

  3. Max says:

    The type of music that I don’t like is Classical music. I don’t like classical music because it is too boring and slow for me. It has no real “pulse” and usually no vocals. It does not excite me and I have no interest in listening to it. I’m sure the composers had lots of meaning when writing it, but i have no means to listen to it.

  4. Aidan says:

    I don’t really like rap by itself because the beat is really just repeating itself over and over and it gets boring just listening to the same thing over and over. I like the beats, but the same thing over and over is annoying and rap isn’t bad if it’s mixed in with another artists to mix it up.

    • George says:

      Though your complaint may be valid with a very specific form of rap, it is a very broad genre, with some forms having a track that varies a lot. It may be easy to hear how much repetition there is with the form of rap that involves just the track and a single voice over it, because of how little space in the sound of the song the voice takes up. A similar level of repetition occurs in music that you probably listen to more often and enjoy more, in the form of a chord structure or riff or whatever it may be. I like and listen to many forms of rap or hip hop because I enjoy how exposed the voice is and how much the style relies on intricate lyrics, as well as the elements of a well produced track and how the pre-created track can compliment the more recently recorded vocals.

  5. caelin says:

    The type of music that i don’t like is country because all country songs sound the same. Plus all country music seems to be people complaining about things that have happen to them. Plus country is just annoying to hear or to hear people talking about.

    • Maya says:

      I would have to disagree. In my opinion Country music is very good. But I agree some of the songs are the same. Country music to me tells a story about someones life and gives someone else the chance to relate to it.

  6. Melissa says:

    The type of music I don’t like is heavy metal. To me, this type of music is too much to comprehend. Most of the time, the sound is very loud and it is hard to piece through the different combinations that are happening, such as what exact instruments are being played or even the lyrics to the music. The style is loud and hard to understand. There is a lot happening all at once. People will have their headphones blasted with heavy metal and I just can’t understand how they can enjoy all the sound coming at them all at once.

  7. Taylor says:

    I don’t like metal/punk music because it feels like the artist is screaming at me and it can be hard to understand. Everything sounds amplified more than necessary, too. I do understand how metal often has meaningfu lyrics, but the music itself doesn’t appeal to me.

  8. Casey says:

    Country is the kind of music I do not really care for. The reason why mostly focuses on the meaning of the songs. Usually country songs are based off of drinking, or really really sappy love. Like the kind of love where you sit on a horse and wear a cowboy hat, that kind of love. Or you sing about girls in a truck or something ridiculous. And mostly every song is like this but maybe it’s just the banjo playing guy with mustache that gets me. Don’t get me wrong, some songs are actually really nice to listen to but I do not see myself listening to country every day or on a daily basis ever. Perhaps it is just because we live in back woods Buxton that people are crazy for this style of music. Other than that, I can’t say I extremely dislike a certain style of music.

  9. Kamryn says:

    The type of music I do not like is Country. Country music just makes me cringe, I don’t like the style of it because it sounds like every song is the same. Like one will sing about a tractor, the other will sing about a girl they met at a bar. It’s hard for me to rap my head around the type of music because I’m not used to the accent and the things they sing about. I also haven’t listened to it enough to really give a variety of reasons why I don’t like it.

  10. Carolyn says:

    It’s not easy to just say “I hate this genre”. Every genre has something good to offer. If I had to choose one genre of music that I could go my entire life without listening to, it’d be dubstep. It’s loud, inconsistent, and really likes to mess with overplayed pop songs a little too much for my liking.

    • Lindesy says:

      Does the inconsistent aspect of Dubstep not measure up the perfect balance of complexity and simplicity discussed earlier? Saying that it likes to mess with overplayed pop songs is not entirely true, considering some artist make their own mixes, as opposed to the remixes that you refer to. I would not consider myself a fan of Dubstep, these are some consideration that you should take into account while listening to the genre with a open heart.

  11. Kaleb says:

    I don’t like country. The subjects and sounds used are not interesting to me. I don’t care to hear about a new girlfriend, tractors, or farms. I also don’t listen to country much, and it’s not something I really grew up hearing. The times I do hear it, however, sound exactly the same. I would never willingly make myself listen to country.

  12. Brooke says:

    I don’t really like country. I just feel as if it is the same thing is being repeated over and over again. Such as love, break ups and drinking and just stuff that I can’t relate to. I can listen to it depending on the song but most songs in this genre are to terrible for me to listen to.

  13. Destiny says:

    The type of music I don’t like is rock. This is because I heard it so much growing up because of my parents that it has become somewhat annoying. Listening to this type of music over and over again, I realized it can become repetitive in the sound it gives off. It can be hard to understand what is the meaning behind the piece. It is hard to understand what the real meaning is behind listening to this type of loud music.

    • George says:

      While rock may be repetitive and over-exposure can ruin any emotional experience that happens with the music, you should try new forms of rock that you haven’t heard much of before. The perceived repetition is very likely a result of your familiarity with whatever song you listen to, instead of actually being a particularly repetitive song. Being very familiar with one style can be helpful when you try to listen to things that have evolved from that style, or what evolved to become that style. Being familiar with the elements of that genre of music will lead to a more true understanding of the actual change from one style to another as rock evolved into its more current forms.

  14. Maddy says:

    I generally like most types of music that have lyrics. I can always find something in the lyrics that I like. So when I have to pick one type of music that I really don’t like it comes down to classical. I listen to this genre when I’m doing homework because I don’t get distracted from lyrics and it’s just so boring and uninteresting to me that I can stay focused on what I’m doing. I think one of the major reasons that I don’t like it is the absence of lyrics and often the violins and melodies that are played over and over again for an incredibly long period of time make it really hard for me to stay actively listening without getting distracted and thinking about something else.

  15. Greg says:

    I personally do not care for Country music. Every song is related towards a heartbreak, trucks, and alcohol. I do not like the repetitiveness of each song which is why I normally listen to odd or exotic music. Also, the musician is not the best at singing, but I cannot say much because I’m not good at singing either. Country is usually acoustic which I also dislike.

  16. Emily H says:

    I honestly don’t think there is any genre I just straight up ha— oh wait country exists. Yeah country music is so ridiculously bad that it makes me want to just explode. If I wanted to listen to the same exact song sung by different people with annoyingly twangy southern voices, I’d just go listen to one Taylor Swift song (but that’s for another blog I suppose). Every song in country seems to have the same theme: crying about girls, crying about beer, or just crying about crying. Sometimes they even sing about all of those at once! I think after a (short) while, that would start to get quite annoying. Some songs might seem catchy at first, but then you shortly realize that it’s the same exact thing repeated for 4 minutes or so, and you know all the words to it before you’ve even listened to the whole song. That’s why country music is not my favorite (or anyone’s favorite) and I hope this response was not too much of a rant, but I mean, I don’t really care anyway.

  17. George says:

    I do not understand or often listen to aggrotech. The genre is a variation of electro-industrial music, which is strongly rooted in rave music. As someone who does not frequent raves or similar club environments, I have trouble understanding the purpose of the music that is created in this style. In my limited experience with the genre, I have found that the music lacks the kind of melodic material that I hear in most other styles I enjoy, and has what seems to be excessive repetition with little variation. However, there is a familiar level of complexity in the music, and the general song structure is comparable to music that I often listen to and enjoy.

  18. Lindesy says:

    I would say I dislike acid jazz, being a fan of traditional jazz. Acid jazz is kind of popular dance music incorporating elements of jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop, and disco. Even though acid jazz does measure up the complexity by incorporating so many different genres that it loses its affect, of the different and just turns into mush of sound. Of the songs relating to acid jazz, I find the overall genre very repetitive and uncreative. I am open to the idea of eventually finding acid jazz tolerable, perhaps this will come with a better understanding of it in general.

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